LillyWhite Farm 

Over the years, we have raised everything from farm animals to exotic animals. On these pages are the animals we enjoy raising the most. 
Farm Pigs
Pastured Poultry and  eggs
Pot Belly Pigs

The Melanistic Mutant Pheasant is a pure breed. These large, beautiful pheasants feature an iridescent, greenish-black plumage. A favorite variety for release, they display a remarkable ability to survive and reproduce in the wild. Prime habitat consists of 55-70 % crop fields such as corn, soybean, or small grains. The remainder of the habitat should include some wetlands, grassland, and woodland or brushy thickets.

The Chinese Ringneck  is used primarily for stocking and hunting. These hardy birds adapt readily to the wild and are prized by sportsmen for their excellent flying ability and brilliant colors.

We have BLOWN EMU EGGS available for crafters.

Beautiful Green Emu Eggs. Laid by birds that I own. They have one small neat hole in one of the ends. 

Emu eggs are beautiful works of art by themselves, or can be used in several different arts and crafts applications, limited only by your imagination. They're a wonderful rich green color, with each egg unique. Eggs are approximately 5 to 6 inches in length.

Emu egg shells have attracted the interest of handcrafters because of the unique outer layer of dark green, which provides an interesting base color for carving or scratch art. The middle layer of the egg is a light blue.

The only West Virginia farm producing quality hormone-free quail eggs, and quail meat.
Our quail eggs are collected several times a day, so you always get the freshest eggs.  

If you have an allergy to chicken eggs these may be the egg you can eat.

Delicious, hand picked for their plumpness, our quail is a very tender, sweet and delicate game meat. 

   Strict attention is paid to food safety and to operational sanitation during processing and packing procedures.

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